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Investment strategies and management services for investment advisory firms and institutions

Multiple models for each strategy that cater to specific investment objective, risk tolerance, and target return needs of clients

Detailed performance reporting

Back office support to facilitate transfers and transactions


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Sonnet Information Pieces

Fact sheets on each strategy

Performance reports on each model

Quarterly updates


Head-to-head comparisons

Sonnet Advisor Tools

Allocation meters

Theme blends

Periodic table of strategies

Performance matrices

Interactive blended model calculator

Interactive blended model matrix calculator

Investment presentation materials 

Strategic Management

Sonnet’s passively-managed, tax-efficient strategic strategies remain fully-invested at all times while maintaining a low weighted-average expense ratio on each model.  Advisors can choose domestic, global, or both within the strategic management line-up.  These strategies may utilize decades of research and historical asset class performance data in constructing each model or a proprietary quantitative-based value model when determining allocations and weightings.

Tactical Management 

Sonnet’s actively-managed tactical line-up offers both domestic and global strategies. These strategies also focus on maintaining low weighted-average expense ratios for each model. Advisors maintain flexibility when choosing the defensive capabilities of actively-managed tactical strategies.  Each tactical strategy’s ability to “play defense” on the equities portion of the portfolio varies. Equity exposure can be reduced by as much as 50%, 80%, 100%, or even allocated to a net shot/inverse position, depending on the strategy. 

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